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Silvana Simbron

Hello delegates! My name is Silvana Simbron, and I am currently a senior at the International School of Panama. I am extremely excited and honored to take part in Panamun XXXI as your Chair for the Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice Committee! I was born in Mexico but have lived all around the world, including countries such as Brazil, the United States, Malaysia, and Panama. My experience with Panamun began in my freshman year as a delegate. Although I did not always love debate, it was the community and challenge presented within the debate room that made my experience so fulfilling and memorable, provoking me to develop a passion for it. During my free time, I enjoy exercising, traveling, and cooking. Please feel more than free to contact me with any questions!! I am eagerly looking forward to meeting all of you in October, and I will try my best to provide an enjoyable and enriching Panamun experience for all! 


Samah Prakash

Hello Delegates! My name is Samah Prakash, and I am currently a Junior at the International School of Panama. I am honored to be one of your chairs for PANAMUN XXXI. Although I am Indian, I was born in Brazil, then moved to India for four years, and have lived in Panama for a decade now. My first MUN conference was PANAMUN XXIX in freshman year, participating as a delegate in the SOCHUM committee. Since then, my love for debate flourished, and I have been able to attend multiple Model United Nations conferences. In my free time, I enjoy playing volleyball, listening to music, playing instruments, and traveling. I believe that debate and MUN is a way to immerse yourself in global issues and use your voice to develop solutions to major conflicts. Furthermore, it allows participants to develop their debating, diplomacy, and communication skills. I hope that I can share my passion for debate with all of you, and I look forward to meeting you!



Ana Queen

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