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Kennedi Munson


Kennedi Munson (Head of ECHOPRESS).JPG

Hello everyone!!! My name is Kennedi Munson, and I am thrilled to announce that I am the Head of ECHOPRESS for PANAMUN’s 30th Anniversary. 


This is only my second year at ISP, and as a senior I’m genuinely ecstatic for all these next few months have to offer. To tell you a little about myself, I was born in Cincinnati, Ohio; however, I resonate a lot with different cultures, given I’ve spent the majority of my life living abroad. From my toddler years living in Japan, to my pre-teen years living in Mexico, and then now in Panama, I personally adore my international life, as it’s given me the opportunity to both meet new people, and explore the world. 


In the future, I dream of doing something related to journalism, which is why last year I was a part of the ECHOPRESS team as a journalist, and have now become a Head for this year. Nevertheless, besides writing/journalism being one of my passions and hobbies in life, I also incredibly enjoy visual arts, music (mainly rap and r&b), and film. 


Overall, I can’t wait for the degree of new experiences this year’s PANAMUN will offer to its participants (new and old). I hope everyone has loads of fun, and let's make this year's conference an unforgettable one!

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