Hey everyone! My name is Marc Brisky and I am currently a junior at the International School of Panama. I am originally from Argentina however I have also lived in Spain and now currently in Panama. I have been involved in PANAMUN since the ninth grade meaning that this will be my fourth MUN conference. Apart from debating some of my other passions include painting, golf, soccer, and spending time with my friends. This year I have the honor of being a chair for the ECOSOC committee at PANAMUN XXVII. This is my first year as a chair and I am looking forward to debating with you and finding out your interesting ideas. I hope we can all enjoy the amazing experience of PANAMUN together. Hope to see all of you soon!



Hello delegates! My name is Felipe Fortner — a 16-year-old Junior from the American School of Rio de Janeiro. It is my privilege to be serving as a visiting chair in PANAMUN’s ECOSOC II committee, where I intend to foster thought-provoking sesssions that provide all delegates with a pleasant, yet challenging experience.  I have attended over 8 conferences throughout Latin America, where I have had the opportunity to assume the roles of delegate, chair, and secretary-general — gaining a broad perspective on the roles of all participants and the importance of this process to be fair, interesting, and enjoyable to all.  I have a passion for the diplomacy and debate that is stimulated from MUN, and I am excited to observe the range of perspectives presented during this conference. In my free time, I enjoy playing classic rock guitar, travelling, drawing, and binging Netflix series. I look forward to meeting everyone, and if you have any questions, or require any clarifications, I can be reached at ( See you soon!