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Su Young Cho

Head of Graphic Design

su young cho (head of MARKCOM).JPG

Hello everyone! My name is Su Young Cho and I am very excited to be the Head of Graphic Design for PANAMUN’s 30th anniversary. 


I’m currently a senior at the International School of Panama and this is my 4th time experiencing the PANAMUN conference. To briefly introduce myself, I was born in Paris, France, but my family is from Korea. Given that I’ve lived abroad for most of my life, I thus relate to various cultures. 


I began taking part in MUN, first as a Delegate, then as a team of MarkCom and Admins, and now I'm the head of Graphic Design for MarkCom. All of these diverse experiences have allowed me to develop both academically and socially. To express more about myself, I enjoy exhibiting astonishing ideas and messages visually through graphic design. 


This year, I am thrilled to both share and celebrate yet another PANAMUN year with everyone, and I wish good luck to all the participants. Let’s share this wonderful time with each other!

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