Tomer Vico

Hey delegates! My name is Tomer Vico and I am super excited to be one of the Human Rights Council chairs this year! Just so you know a little bit more about me, I was born here in Panama, but I moved to Miami and Luxembourg, and then came back almost seven years ago. Outside of debate, I watch an unhealthy amount amount of tv, spend time with my friends, draw, and play/ listen to music. Regarding debate, I have attended every PANAMUN conference since eighth grade! I love debating for the incredibly valuable experience of putting yourself in someone else’s shoes and expanding your perspective, but the fact that PANAMUN is for middle and high school students is even better. Usually, it seems like we are powerless, but PANAMUN offers a rare opportunity to truly consider issues of global importance and show the potential we all have to create change. Also, being young with limited exposure to the world, we can open our minds to topics that don’t just directly affect us and those around us, but millions of people. We learn so much more about these situations and fight as representatives for the rights of those affected, who may be silenced from doing it themselves. I really hope you guys as delegates see PANAMUN as the amazing opportunity it is and have fun with new people. I can’t wait to see you all soon! Please don’t hesitate to contact me for any information.

Tomas Eleta

Hello! I am Tomás Eleta and I am truly honored to be one of PANAMUN’s highly esteemed chairs. As one of the chairs for the HRC II committee, I am excited to read, listen and moderate during debate on the issues of access to reproductive healthcare and the rights to digital privacy.


I’m Panamanian and have studied at Colegio Brader and the International School of Panama. As a current senior at ISP I am thrilled to see many of my fellow classmates and underclassmen work together to write the best resolutions PANAMUN has ever seen!


I’ve been involved with PANAMUN since 7th grade, at first as an admin, then a delegate and now, finally, a chair. From my long career at PANAMUN it’s somewhat clear I have a true passion for debate and the topics we handle here at PANAMUN. As a Global Politics student, I have been able to delve further into many of the issues debated during this conference. If you have any questions, or are interested in other topics, feel free to talk to me before, during or after the conference. I hope to share my love for debate and global politics with all of the delegates in HRC II, but most importantly, create a memorable and unique experience here at ISP’s 27th annual PANAMUN event.