Nicolas Lestani

Hello, my name is Nicolas Lestani and I’m currently a senior at the International School of Panama. I moved to Panama from Brazil 11 years ago and arrived at ISP in the sixth grade. I was given the opportunity to participate in a PANAMUN conference for the first time when I was in the 9th grade, and since then, I’ve been able to progressively develop my skills in debating, as well as my love towards it. Apart from debating, I enjoy playing soccer and hanging out with my friends. This year, I have the honor of being one of the Chairs of the Human Rights Council (HRC) in the upcoming PANAMUN XXVIII conference. I am hoping that you, delegates, are as excited as I am for this conference and I highly look forward to hearing all your innovative and creative proposals to aid world development. I can assure delegates that I will put in my best effort to make this debating experience as positive as it can be. I am excited to see delegates participate with full interest in this valuable opportunity and I look forward to chairing a worthwhile debating experience. See you soon!

Mariana Sanchez

Hey! Greetings fellow delegates, and welcome to PANAMUN XXVII. My name is Mariana Sánchez, I’m currently in 10th grade at the English School in Bogotá, and I’m the junior director for my school’s United Nations model. My passion and love for debate was sparked during TESMUN XIII where I had a highly successful and impactful debate representing Brazil in the General Assembly. Since then, I have attended conferences such as NICMUN, THIMUN, and other conferences in Colombia. After seven conferences, I have the high privilege of chairing the Human Rights Council II (HRC II) in PANAMUN XXVII. Aside from debate, my biggest passion is dancing to Colombian genres and practicing figure skating. I am committed to make the Human Rights Council II pass all of your expectations and have it be an intense, productive, and most importantly, an exciting and challenging committee. I hope these three days of debate would be as meaningful for you as it is for me, and that you are able to empower yourselves and demonstrate what you're capable of achieving!!!. I understand participating in such a committee may be overwhelming at first, but I encourage you all to try, challenge yourselves and participate. See you soon!