Hello and welcome delegates to PANAMUN XXVIII! My name is Lea Ward, and I am a sophomore at the Metropolitan School of Panama (MET). I was born in Belgium, but have lived in various countries across four continents while growing up. My parents are from Belgium and Zimbabwe. I joined the MUN club at the MET 3 years ago when I was in 8th grade, and quickly began to realize that MUN encompassed multiple things I was passionate about, including debate and international affairs. Through MUN, I have been able to further develop and expand these passions as well as my public speaking, research skills, and understanding of global issues. I have had the opportunity to undertake different roles in the conferences I have participated in, including being a delegate, having an organizational position in the first METMUN conference, and now, getting to take on the role of chair in PANAMUN’s WHO I committee for middle school. Aside from debate, I enjoy spending time with my friends and family as well as travelling and getting to explore new countries and cultures. I am looking forward to meeting all of you, and am determined to make this conference as engaging as possible, despite the unusual circumstances, as I hope you are, too. Please come to the conference prepared and remember that I am here to help, as I want all of you to feel confident enough to express your creative ideas. See you soon!



Hello delegates, welcome to PANAMUN XXVII! My name is Paula Roldan, and I am currently a junior at the International School of Panama. I am very honored to be part of this year’s conference and my greatest pleasure to be a chair in the World Health Organization and meet you all. Even though I was born in Mexico City and lived all over the world, I consider myself Colombian since my whole family is from there. My experience in MUN started when I was a freshman, since then, my love for debate has grown because of all the experiences within it and the voice you get to have in these conferences. I have always been the type of person that fights for what I believe in, which is one of the things I love to do the most and MUN offers this great opportunity. These last few years of gaining experiences as a delegate has taught me the importance of standing up for what you believe is right. I want to thank you all for participating in this conference even though we are under these hard circumstances. I am sure that you will have a great time and develop some new skills that will help you later on in life. I wish you guys the best of luck, and I look forward to meeting you all very soon!