Hello! My name is Krishna Vaswani and I am currently a sophomore at the International School of Panama. I was born and raised in Panama city, Panama and have been involved in PANAMUN conferences since the eighth grade. Debating is an activity that I have grown to love because of its diplomatic, formal, and captivating essence. Additionally, I take pride in it since it allows for the creation of strong, everlasting, and exceptionally profound connections in our global society. Aside from my passion for debating, I enjoy writing both prose and poetry, studying nutrition, running, and listening to various genres of music. This year, I have the prestigious honor of being the chair of the Middle School Human Rights Council for my third year actively participating in a PANAMUN conference. I’m currently working arduously to enthrall all of you with the intention of moderating a fruitful and lengthy debate that can produce ideas and solutions of the most meaningful and impacting nature. I look forward to your active participation, debating abilities, and idiosyncratic ideas throughout the length of the conference. I want this to be an experience that helps you grow as a citizen of humanity as well as a confident learner and leader in hopes to spark real change in our world. See you soon! 



Hello delegates, and welcome to PANAMUN! My name is David Batista, I am a senior at the International School of Panama, and I will be chairing for middle school HRC. I have lived in Panama all my life, but am half American and frequently visit New York in the United States. This is my first time as a chair, and have had several experiences as a delegate, discussing  and debating several topics. I myself was in the HRC a few years ago as Russia, and I can guarantee that you guys will have a really enjoyable and productive time. Besides PANAMUN I am a very creative person. I enjoy movies, and am really passionate about them. I also love to play and listen to music of all decades and genres. My creativity also inspires me to write a lot, from screenplays, to short stories, to memoirs, I've done it all, in every world, and every character I could think of. I want to make this a memorable PANAMUN for everyone, and I can’t wait to start debating with you all very soon!