Hi, fellow delegates, my name is Santiago Rojas and I am currently a junior at the International School of Panama. I moved here about four years from Santiago, Chile. In 9th grade, I was allowed to participate in PANAMUN for the first time and since then, I've been able to improve my debate skills through many MUN conferences I've been able to assist. Besides my love of debate, I also deeply enjoy composing music, running and reading. I am happy and honoured that this year I’ve been given the chance to be the Chair for the United Nations Peacebuilding Committee. I hope you are as excited as I am for experiencing PANAMUN XXVII. I am assured we are going to have an excellent experience that will exceed everyone’s expectations, as we all are going to work as hard as possible to make the debate exciting and fun. I look forward to meeting you and hope everybody improves their debate skills, have fun, and learn.



Hello delegates, welcome to PANAMUN XXVII. My name is Rhea Mukhi and I am a senior at The Metropolitan School of Panama. I am very honored to be your chair for this year’s conference and I am excited to be getting the opportunity to meet all of you. I was born and raised in Panama and I lived 5 years in Guayaquil, Ecuador before returning back home. I have always been very opinionated and have always fought for what I believe in, which is what inspired me to join the MUN club at my school when I was in ninth grade. Since my first conference, I realized that debating is something I am very passionate about and has brought to me a lot of different opportunities by teaching me what it’s like to speak up and never back down on my beliefs. With this being said, I want to thank all of you for participating under these difficult circumstances and encourage all of you to enjoy your time. I hope you leave these 3 days of debate feeling confident and that you gave it your best at all times. Can’t wait to see all of you very soon!