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María José Sánchez

Deputy Secretary General of Administrative Staff

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Hello everyone! I’m María José, but I go by Majo and I am very honored to be this year’s Deputy Secretary General of the Administrative Staff for PANAMUN 30: A New Beginning! I am a senior at the International School of Panama, where I have spent the last 2 years. I was born and raised in Mexico City, and then moved to Panama in 2021. Some of my biggest passions and hobbies are dancing, reading, listening to music, and watching movies and TV shows. 


My experience in PANAMUN started a year ago in PANAMUN XXIX: Recovering Hope where I had the opportunity to be an admin for a middle school committee. Even though I started with PANAMUN a year ago, I have completely fallen in love with it. I love how young students, either highschoolers or middle schoolers have the opportunity to speak up for themselves and have their voice heard. The environment PANAMUN brings into the school is full of spirit, excitement and pride. It really transmits who we are as a school, and as a community. 


I am incredibly grateful to have an important role for PANAMUN's 30th Anniversary. As well as excited to work alongside the other Secretariat members and the admins  team. I am looking forward to this incredible conference, and hopefully it will be one that you enjoy and never forget! 

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