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Hannah Baker

Deputy Secretary General of External Affairs

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Hello everybody! 


My name is Hannah Baker and I have the honor of serving as the Deputy-Secretary General of External Affairs for the 30th edition of PANAMUN. I’m currently a junior, attending International School of Panama. 


I’m British, but I was born in Colombia. I lived in England for the majority of my life until moving to Panama in 5th grade. I was introduced to Model United Nations in 9th grade, in the 28th edition of PANAMUN. I am endlessly thankful for that opportunity, because it sparked a love for debate and international relations that has led me to multiple national and international debate conferences. In my very little free time, I love reading, playing basketball and signing up for more MUN conferences that I can manage. 


I’m extremely excited for this conference, and I can’t wait to see all of you in October!

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