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Sydney Newman

Deputy Secretary General of External Affairs

IMG_4056.jpg (Sydney picture).jpg

Hello everyone!

Hi! My name is Sydney Newman and I am thrilled to be this year's Deputy Secretary General of External Affairs for PANAMUN XXXII. I am currently a sophomore at the International School of Panama, where I was first introduced to the world of debate in 5th grade and have loved ever since. I was born in Bolivia, where I moved to the United States, Jamaica, and finally Panama in 3rd grade, 7 years ago. 


MUN has always been an event which I looked forward to all year. Whether the conference was in ISP or across the world, I have always appreciated every aspect of it. In these conferences, I have been a delegate and chair, which is why I’m beyond excited to be working alongside the secretariat as a member.


Aside from debate, my hobbies include baking, swimming competitively, and playing billiards with my friends. I look forward to this year's PANAMUN conference and can’t wait to meet you all in October. See you then!

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