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Diogo Marquez

Deputy Secretary General of High School


Hello everybody!

My name is Diogo Marquez, and I am extremely proud to serve as the Deputy Secretary General of High School at PANAMUN XXXI, alongside Victoria Armstrong. I’m currently a senior, attending the International School of Panama. I’m of Spanish and Portuguese nationality, but was born in South Africa. I have moved all around the world, and have lived in 3 different continents and 6 different countries. Moving around the world has allowed me to become enriched with different cultures, backgrounds and beliefs. Outside of debate and MUN, I enjoy playing sports such as football and tennis, as well as acting in theater and traveling. 


My first MUN experience was in 9th grade, where I participated in my first PANAMUN. My dedication and passion while debating was clear. Ever since I can remember I have enjoyed debating, and as time goes on it continues growing. Having first hand experience, I can tell you how helpful MUN is in building and strengthening certain skills that will be useful for a lifetime.


Simultaneously with the entire Secretariat team, we’ve worked extremely hard in order to ensure a fruitful conference for all. I am honored and extremely excited to fulfill the role as DSG of High School, for PANAMUN XXXI. I am eager to meet you all, and hope you take the most of this conference. See you in October!

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