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Deputy Secretary General of High School

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Hello everybody!

My name is Samah Prakash and I am proud to be serving as the Deputy Secretary General of High School at PANAMUN XXXII, alongside Mariana Canakis. I am currently a senior at the International School of Panama, making this my twelfth year at ISP and my fourth and final PANAMUN conference. I am Indian, but I was born in Brazil and moved to Panama when I was five years old. Aside from debate, in my free time I love playing volleyball, spending time with my friends, and traveling around the world. 

My first MUN conference was 3 years ago in ninth grade, when I had the opportunity to participate as a delegate in PANAMUN XXVIII. At the beginning, I was confused, nervous, and shy, but as the days went on, I realized how much I enjoyed debating and educating myself on important global issues. As the conference came to a close, I discovered a new passion that would eventually pave the way for me to attend multiple other conferences, nationally and internationally, both as a chair and a delegate. Debate has taught me so many lifelong skills that I know I will continue to use throughout my future. 

I truly believe that PANAMUN is an opportunity for everyone to strengthen their skills, gain knowledge, and meet new people. For this reason, I, Mariana, and the entire Secretariat, have worked extremely hard to ensure an unforgettable experience. I am eager to share this amazing conference and cannot wait to meet you all. See you in October! 

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