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Gabriel Naor

Deputy Secretary General of Marketing and Communications

Gabriel DSG Picture.jpg

Hello everyone!

My name is Gabriel Naor and I am thrilled to be the Deputy Secretary General of Marketing and Communications for PANAMUN’s 30th anniversary. 


I’m a junior at the International School of Panama, which I’ve been attending for about five years with pride. This school has offered me many opportunities which uncovered and developed many aspects of myself, like my love for the sciences and arts. I truly love creating and developing artistic pieces that offer a new experience to the beholder because for me there’s nothing more special than communication in the form of art. Even though I became a participant of PANAMUN in 9th grade (as a delegate) I still appreciate every aspect of this conference because of all the hard work and dedication that’s put into it. So my goal this year, as the DSG of MarkCom, is to give every individual a special experience of what PANAMUN really is and make this year a unique one for everyone!

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