Karissa Moreno-Duque

Deputy Secretary General of Marketing and Communications


Hello everyone!

My name is Karissa Moreno-Duque, and am honoured to be this years Secretary General of Marketing and Communications for PANAMUN 30th: A New Beginning! I'm a junior and currently attending my second year of school at the International School of Panama. Fortunately, I have been able to move multiple times throughout my life, my favorites being: London, England, and California, USA. With this being said I consider my home California and Colombia due to family, friends and personal experiences. Besides where I've lived, some of my favourite things are traveling, dancing and debating. 

I began debating in the year of 2021 in a PANAMUN conference. In attending my first conference, I immediately fell in love with debating and the overall experience. This then allowed me to explore and practice another area in which I wasn't familiar in, public speaking and debating. I ended up attending another life changing conference in New York, in the year of 2022. Through debate I found a new passion which allowed me to become a stronger public speaker, but not only that, allowed me to become aware and educated on more global issues currently in the world. I will forever be thankful for PANAMUN which opened a door of passion for me.


This yearly I am honoured to be working behind the scenes in order to show the world the beauty of this conference along side my team of Secretary Generals. With this being said, I hope this years experience will allow you to enjoy it as much as I did, with all the effort the team and I have put in! If you have any question please reach out to my email,