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Paula Morgan

Deputy Secretary General of Marketing and Communications


Hello everyone!

My name is Paula Morgan, and I am excited to be this year’s Deputy Secretary General of MarkCom. I am looking forward to meeting you all and working together to make PANAMUN XXXI a great experience.


I am currently a senior at the International School of Panama and I’ve lived in Panama my whole life. While I just recently moved to ISP, I’ve had the privilege of experiencing the beauty of PANAMUN and the rigorous process that comes with it. Last year, I had the opportunity to work on the Echo Press team and had an insight of how MarkCom operates during PANAMUN. The amount of creativity, teamwork, and passion that the MarkCom team went into showing what PANAMUN is all about truly amazed me. I am honored to continue to work in MarkCom, but now as the Deputy General of MarkCom. With this position, I will be in charge of creating and overseeing the marketing and promotion of PANAMUN and capturing great moments for future delegates to see what awaits them.


Alongside the Secretariat, we are gonna make sure this PANAMUN experience will bring you new skills, confidence, and fun. Hope to see you soon!

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