Raúl Endara

Deputy Secretary General of Middle School

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Hello everyone! I’m Raúl Endara and I’m thrilled to be the deputy secretary-general of middle school alongside Mafe González for the 30th session of PANAMUN. I’m Panamanian and I’ve been fortunate enough to live here and attend ISP for the entirety of my life. I am currently a senior. Some of my hobbies outside of debate are listening to music, lifting weights, and playing basketball. I’m also part of the student council at ISP as the academic liaison.


This position is a privilege and a responsibility I never imagined I would be blessed with back when I first started doing MUN when I went to PACMUN back in 8th grade. Back then, my goals were to win an award and possibly become a chair one day. However, MUN became a much greater part of my life than I initially thought it would. After participating in 6 MUN conferences and achieving my first two goals, I am now ready to take on a new challenge as a member of the secretariat and deeply hope I can provide as good a platform as I was provided with back in 8th grade to the next generation of middle school delegates. 


Thirty is quite the number and the pressure is on to make this a conference that lives up to the billing, but I assure you, my co-DSG Mafe, the rest of the secretariat, and I will work in unison to create a truly remarkable conference that not only lives up to the number but surpasses it.