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Daniel Petrosky

Deputy Secretary General of Middle School

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Hello Everybody!


My name is Daniel Petrosky, and I have the privilege of being the Deputy Secretary General of Middle School alongside Jimena Camargo, for PANAMUN XXXII. I am currently a senior at the International School of Panama where I have attended for the last 5 years. I was born in Panama, and I have lived here my entire life.


MUN has been a part of my life since 7th grade, when I attended my first conference which was PANAMUN XXVII. Since then, MUN and debate has opened so many doors for me, doors that have taken me places as far as The Netherlands, setting the foundation for lifelong friendships, and beautiful memories. Aside from that, MUN has provided an avenue for valuable skills, and global awareness, which are essential to have. MUN has made me become who I am today, and it is something that I will treasure forever. 


It brings a smile to my face being a part of such a wonderful team, that together, will make PANAMUN XXXII one for the books.  

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