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Larissa de Melo

Deputy Secretary General of MUN Impact

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Hello, delegates, chairs and advisors! My name is Larissa de Melo. I am honored to be PANAMUN XXXII’s Deputy Secretary General of PANAMUN impact. I was born in Brazil in the State of Sao Paulo and lived there until 2016, after which I moved to Panama! I'm currently in my senior year of high school at the International School of Panama and these past months working with the PANAMUN team at ISP have been incredible. This is my second year being the DSG of PANAMUN Impact and I am incredibly enthusiastic to be taking this role once again to continue working with my team!


 My love for debate started in my freshman year during PANAMUN XXIX, since then I have done multiple online and in-person debates and traveled around the world to debate, in places such as New York and The Hague, and took roles as a delegate, chair and now as DSG of PANAMUN Impact! 


I am fully dedicated to creating an impact through different projects this year and alongside the secretariat making sure PANAMUN is the best conference possible!

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