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Giordana Pérez

Deputy Secretary General of MUN Impact

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Hello everyone! My name is Giordana Perez and I am the Deputy Secretary General of Panamun Impact for PANAMUN’s 30th anniversary. I was born and raised in Panama and have been attending ISP ever since I was in Kindergarten. I am finally a senior this year and am excited to be taking such a privileged leadership position in ISP’s biggest event of the year. 


The first time I was involved in PANAMUN was freshman year as a delegate and enjoyed taking part in the conference. I was pretty nervous to speak up in front of all the other delegates, but I ended up loving debating. I wanted to be involved more in PANAMUN for the upcoming years, therefore in my sophomore and junior years I signed up to be a chair. I truly loved being able to run a conference alongside my co-chair, and getting to know all my delegates was a pleasure. I always enjoy being involved in community service events. We are blessed everyday with resources many people around the world are in desperate need of. Being the DSG of Panamun Impact surely called my attention as I take action by making a change and helping the community. I truly believe the purpose of MUN Impact gives PANAMUN a real meaning, as it is important to take into consideration that most people in Panama don’t have the opportunity to be involved in this conference, while we are fortunate to have PANAMUN happening at our own school. Students of low-resource schools should be just as educated in debate as we are, as it teaches you valuable qualities of public speaking and critical thinking.

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