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Cristina Arias

Deputy Secretary General of Special Committees

IMG_4074.jpg (Cristi picture).jpg

Hello everyone!

My name is Cristina Arias and I am proud to say I am PANAMUN XXXII’s Deputy Secretery General of Special Commiteees. I was born in Mexico and lived there for eleven years before moving to Panama in 2019. I am currently a sophomore in the International School of Panama. 


In 8th grade I had the opportunity to participate in MUN for the first time and since then have developed a passion for debate. I have continued pursuing MUN  throughout my academics and have participated in many conferences including THIMUN, which is hosted in The Netherlands. Debate has been an essential part of my formation as a person, specifically by helping me find my voice. Not only this but it has fostered many lifelong friendships. Aside from debate I love ballet, baking, and watching documentaries.  


I am very much looking forward to this year's PANAMUN and seeing everyone come together to debate important topics that are pressing today's world. I'm sure this year's conference will be a success!

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