Gonçalo Lemos

Hey everyone! My name is Gonçalo Lemos and I am currently a junior at the International School of Panama. I am from Portugal but I have lived in multiple countries throughout my life including Switzerland, Italy, Portugal, Chile, and now Panamá. I have been involved in PANAMUN since the ninth grade and this will be my third conference. Apart from debating, some of my other passions include track and field, mountain biking, and hanging out with my friends. This year, I have the honor and privilege of charing the Economics and Social Council at PANAMUN XXVII. I am really looking forward to debating with all of you, hearing your ideas, and most importantly, have fun as a committee. I hope we can all enjoy this fruitful and valuable experience together and learn as much as possible from it. I am sure you are all as excited as I am and I will see you soon!

Yussef Palis

Welcome delegates to PANAMUN XXVII. My name is Yussef Palis and I will be your Chair for the United Nations Economic and Social Council. I am currently in twelfth grade studying at the International School of Panama (ISP). I've been going to ISP for more than 14 years, since Pre-Kindergarten. I was born in Panama City, Panama and since then I have been here all my life. This will be my fourth PANAMUN, but it will be the second being chair. Apart from this conference, I have participated in international MUN conferences such as HACIA XXIV. Outside school, I like to play tennis, read and go out with my friends. I am very excited to meet you and work with you in this conference. I hope you have a good time and if you have any questions or doubts, do not hesitate to contact me.