Hello delegates! My name is Emily Rojas, and I am a  senior at the International School of Panama. I am going to be your chair for the Economic and Social Council. I am so grateful to be leading the fellow delegates into this journey and guide them through the conference. I have been at ISP for 7 years now, and 3 of those years I have spent as a delegate in the PANAMUN conference. I have been able to gain experiences as a delegate, and I am proud to say I will now be sharing a perspective as a leader in this conference. I hope to make the flow of our committee not just fun but professional as well. I will ensure that the delegates will participate in the debate as well as encouraging new delegates to bring their ideas to the floor. I encourage all delegates to take this year's theme, “ The Power of a Story” and implement this to leave footprints behind for others to follow!


Hello delegates, my name is Javier Labarta and I am currently a junior at the International School of Panama. My family is originally from Spain but I was born in Mexico City and have since lived in four countries: Mexico, France, United States and Panama. My PANAMUN experience began two years ago when I was a delegate for UNPBC, and I have loved debating ever since. That experience led me to become part of the HACIA (Harvard Association Cultivating Inter-American Democracy) team this past year. Even though the conference was cancelled, I remained engaged as much as possible. Other extracurricular hobbies of mine include playing soccer, chess and going  fishing. I am also very interested in the ever-changing world of business. So much that I became the president of my school's investment and business club and am an avid stock market trader. Before and during the conference you will find me working hard to create a fun learning environment. My goal is to make this experience one in which you will be able to think critically of the world's most pressing issues. I hope that we enjoy doing that together while making lifelong connections and creating unforgettable memories. I am honored to have been selected as your chair for the United Nations Economic and Social Committee during Panamun XXVIII. I am super excited to meet, learn, and discuss with all of you in October. In the meantime, do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.