Wilfred Eskidsen

Hello, delegates!  Welcome to PANAMUN XXVII! My name is Wilfred Eskildsen and it is my pleasure to be a chair for this conference. I am currently a Junior at the International School of Panama, where I have been a student for 13 years. I have lived in Panama my entire life, although I enjoy traveling all around the world and learning about different cultures and people.  Besides debate, my passions include history, biology, and chemistry, while one of my hobbies is reading. In terms of my future, I aim to be either a doctor or a lawyer as my profession. This year, I have the privilege of being a chair in the International Court of Justice. I have debated in court once before, in HACIA democracy XXV, in the Interamerican Court of Human Rights, and attended three PANAMUN conferences before that. I assure you that the quality of this conference depends on you, and how much you prepare.  I hope that you will enjoy the issues that my co-chair and I have chosen, and am looking forward to having a one of a kind experience with you in the ICJ. See you soon!

Diego Abrego

Hello, my name is Diego Abrego and I am proud to be this year’s chair for the International Court of Justice. I am from Panama and have lived here my entire life. I am currently a senior in ISP and joined when I was in tenth grade, so this is my third PANAMUN conference and my first as a chair. I was a delegate in the World Health Organization and in Historical Crisis Committee. Challenging myself was my main motivation to become a chair on this edition of PANAMUN.  One of my hobbies is watching football, being a fan of Manchester City and Barcelona. I also enjoy expanding my general knowledge, especially in history. I hope to make this conference’s ICJ be an unforgettable experience for all participants of this committee.