Hi! My name is Allie Frerichs and I’m a senior at the International School of Panama. I was born just outside of Washington D.C, but have lived all over the world - in Mexico, Brazil, Italy, Bolivia, and the United Arab Emirates. Apart from debate, I love reading, watching documentaries, going to museums, and travelling. I also have a strong passion for learning about current events, politics, and championing for human rights - which is why I enjoy being involved in Model UN. I’ve been participating in debate throughout my high school career, which has allowed me to enrich my understanding of global issues and  improve my public speaking skills. I am very excited to be a chair for the International Court of Justice at PANAMUN XXVIII! I am really looking forward to hearing your ideas and working to resolve complex issues. I trust that you’ve all worked hard in preparing, and I hope you are all as excited as I am for this conference. See you soon!


Hello, delegates. Welcome to PANAMUN XXVIII! My name is Sebastian Gomez, and I am a senior at ISP. I’ve lived in Panama for over nine years now, but I was born in Venezuela. I’m interested in the natural sciences, mathematics, music, and at certain times I also enjoy running and cycling. However, I find myself curious about global topics which is the reason I have the amazing honor to be a chair in the International Court of Justice in this year’s debate conference. This is my fourth conference in which I am participating, but it is my first time as a chair in any committee. I’m very excited to bring you the unique experiences that is ICJ, even between all the committees in PANAMUN, and for you all to have fun debating!


Hey guys! Welcome to PANAMUN XXVIII.I’m Arthur Hoornaert. I'm a sophomore at the International School of Panama. This will be my second PANAMUN and my second time in the ICJ. I know it can get a bit confusing so if you have any questions send me a message and I will help you the best I can. I have participated in different conferences around europe. I have lived all over the world and look forward to meeting you guys at our conference. Debating has been a passion of mine since I was in 6th grade. Apart from debating I love playing soccer, surfing, spending time with my family and friends and travelling. A topic I am passionate about is the climate crisis and I attended many protests about this in Belgium. I am looking forward to having a great conference and see you soon.