The International Press Corps (IPC) is a committee where delegates assume the roles of international news organizations and represent news outlets rather than countries. The IPC committee is in charge of instigating debate, challenging proposals, and commenting on the decisions being taken. The press plays a vital role in the political world and allows people to stay informed, which is why this committee is crucial to debate. The delegates’ job within IPC is to report on other committees’ proceedings and events, ensuring that other delegates are held accountable for their actions, and write articles that mirror the beliefs and stance of their assigned news outlet. As reporters jump from one committee to another, they are expected to observe debate in different committees, take notes on the decisions being made and/or noteworthy events, and conduct interviews with other delegates to further enrich their articles. In order to do so, delegates are expected to be familiarized with their news outlets (reading articles published by their news outlets) and be acquainted with news writing. Members of the IPC committee are crucial to the conference because they are responsible for challenging fellow delegates, inspiring different approaches to resolutions, and notifying the conference of any breaking news.