Melany Morales

Hello delegates! My name is Melany Morales, and I am more than thrilled to be the Chair of the Economic and Social Council for this year's PANAMUN XXVII. I am currently a junior at the International School of Panama, and moved to Panama 4 years ago. Originally though, I am from Venezuela. I have participated in debate conferences for two years, and I remember that the committee I was assigned to my first year was ECOSOC, which was overall an exciting experience. My second year, I got the opportunity to participate in UNHCR, and won the best delegate award. Apart from debating, I enjoy playing sports such as volleyball and ballet. I also love reading and travelling to new places. I am sure that with the dedication and excitement of you all, we will undoubtedly have a highly successful conference. I am certain you all acquire great skills which you'll hopefully share during the conference, and I am fully committed to ensuring that everything in this conference runs smoothly. Once again, I can't wait to meet you all, and I hope you learn from this valuable experience. See you soon!


Bernardo Proaño

Welcome to this year’s edition of Panamun XXVII!! My name is Bernardo Proaño, and I am truly excited to be the chair of the Economic and Social Council. I am currently 17 years old and  a senior at the International School of Panama. This will be my first year being chair however my fourth overall debate conference. I was born in Ecuador but moved to Panama when I was three, which I lived approximately 5 years before moving again just that this time to Brazil. In Brazil my debate career began, I was committed to the debate team and was truly passionate to discuss and argue the many problems each separate nation has. However after living five years in Brazil, I moved back to Panama, which I was presented to Panamun. The first year of Panamun I was very shy and although I had a lot to say, I was scared to be wrong and up to this day it hunts me down for not trying my best and giving it all. I recommend you all to prepare yourself for this year's Panamun and truly inbody the nation assigned to you and hopefully for you to find the solutions needed. See you soon!