Madison Capen 

Hello delegates! My name is Madison Capen and I am a current 12th grader here at ISP. This is my fourth year living in Panama and I am originally from Boston Massachusetts in the US. I have participated as a delegate in PANAMUN for three years and this year I decided to be a chair. Some of my hobbies include running track and field and cross country, competitive dancing, singing, going to the beach and hanging out with friends. I am super excited to be chairing a middle school committee. You are the future of PANAMUN and i can’t wait to work with you all. I am hopeful that this year, the 27th year of PANAMUN will be filled with positivity. Innovative ideas and healthy debate. Good luck and happy debating!!!

Riley McDonough

Hello delegates, my name is Riley McDonough and I am currently a sophomore at the International School of Panama and this is my third year in Panama. I am originally from the United States and lived in Europe for four years before moving to panama. Some hobbies that I enjoy doing are reading and swimming.  I am looking forward to taking the role of being your chair for the “Middle School Special Conference Committee”. I have been on the debate team for ISP since 9th grade and have gained useful experience at several debate conferences. My goal as a chair for this PANAMUN is to ensure that you the delegate have a an enjoyable experience in a professional atmosphere for this year’s Mock United Nation conferences.   The very same way I came to enjoy debate. As the chair for the MSSCC for this years PANAMUN XXVII, I look forward to working with you and creating lasting memories. I am fully committed to achieving this. See you there!