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Caio Usberti

Hello delegates! My name is Caio Usberti Elias. I am 17 years old and I live in Panama City. I am currently a Junior at the International School of Panama and I have been at ISP since the 5th grade. I really like to spend time with family and friends, play sports, and watch movies. I was born on August 28, 2004 in São Paulo, Brazil. Around 1 year after I was born, my family and I moved to Zurich, Switzerland, where we lived there for 5 years. We then moved back to Brazil for a couple of years, and finally moved to Panama, where we have been living for the last 7 years. In regards to my debating experiences, I have always been a delegate in all MUN conferences I have attended. During such conferences, I had some really great experiences that I will never forget, like for example, when I became a Best Delegate Award Recipient for my committee. Even though I had great times as a delegate, I decided to switch things up and try something new this year. I decided that I would like to be a Chair. I am really looking forward to this opportunity to be a Chair of a very interesting committee as I will be experiencing the debating experience from another point of view. I assure you all that I will do everything possible so that we all can have a very fun, productive, and collaborative debating experience, like the ones I had when I was a delegate. I am really looking forward to meeting and getting to know everyone!

Felipe Correa

Hi, delegates! My name is Felipe Correa and I would like to give you all a warm welcome to PANAMUN XXX. I am currently a Senior at the International School of Panama and I am very excited to be one of the chairs of the Human Rights Council and meet all of you. I was born in Bogotá, Colombia but I’m also American and I’ve lived in four different countries. Some of my hobbies include playing sports like tennis, soccer, and basketball, playing the guitar, and reading. This will be my fourth time participating in PANAMUN (I was a delegate in SOCHUM and UNPBC, and a Chair for MS UNICEF in previous conferences) and I am very happy to be chairing for a second time. I am also very honored to be one of the three MS Diplomacy Heads this year which I am very happy about. I love debating because it is all about seeing different perspectives and points of view while learning to respect them even when you disagree with them. These past two years and a half have been tough on everybody which is why the theme of this PANAMUN is all about new beginnings and helping the world move towards a brighter future. I know we are going to have an amazing time and learn new things this October. I look forward to seeing all of you!

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