Hello delegates! Welcome to PANAMUN XXIX! My name is Guilherme da Paixao, currently a sophomore at the International School of Panama. I am extremely honored to be one of the chairs of the United Nations Environment Program! I was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. When I was two years old my family and I moved to Mexico City, there, we stayed 6 years. Then we went back to Brazil. After two years, we moved to Bogota, Colombia, where I spent two more years of my life. Afterward, we decided to come to Panama City, Panama, where we are planning to stay here until the end of high school. This is my fourth year in ISP. I've participated in around four MUN conferences. In those conferences, I've learned how to work with possible strangers to find solutions that could end world crises. This year I am more than excited to hear all possible solutions to solve this year's issues relating to environmental programs! We will do our complete best for all delegates to have a great debating experience! Hope to see all the delegates in October! And the best of luck!


Maria Fernanda

Hello, delegates! My name is Maria Fernanda Gonzalez and I have the honor to be one of your chairs in the MS United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP) committee. I’m currently a junior at the International School of Panama, where I have studied since the eighth grade. I was born in Brazil, and I lived there almost all my life; however, I have also lived in Venezuela. In my freshman year of high school, I participated in PANAMUN as a delegate and have been passionate about debating for quite a while. As the years have passed, my passion for debating has continuously grown, and I am thrilled to chair a middle school committee for the second year in a row! Besides debating, I enjoy playing the guitar, dancing, and spending time with my friends. I look forward to meeting each of you, and hearing your ideas on how to solve these issues while having a good quality debate, and having fun! I hope you guys are as excited as I am for this upcoming conference, and I will make everything in my power for PANAMUN XXIX to be a great experience for everyone in this committee, see you soon!