The United Nations Peacebuilding Committee, also known as the UNPBC is a commission that as its name proclaims, promotes peace. It was founded during the 60th session of the general assembly in 2004. It specifically tackles the prevention of armed or violent conflict. It also works on creating strategies to build peace within conflicted nations and to rebuild nations that are in post-conflict recovery. The UNPBC works on creating frameworks that would reduce specific threats that a nation has, and helping afflicted countries who are in need of things such as reconstruction, sustainable development, and financial security. The UNPBC also increases the communication between other relevant bodies of the UN in order to increase the coordination and productivity of said strategies and solutions. The UNPBC approaches peacebuilding solutions in a flexible manner and creates solutions that focus on security, development, and the maintenance of human rights in nations.

Measures to resolve international disputes over the South China Sea

Addressing the isssue of arbitrary arrests and unlwaful use of violence during political protests