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Jimena Camargo

Hello Delegates! My name is Jimena Camargo, and I am currently a Junior at the International School of Panama. I’m so excited and honored to be one of your chairs for PANAMUN XXXI in the United Nations Security Council! I was born in Caracas, Venezuela, but since my dad is from Bogotá I also consider myself Colombian. I have lived in Panama for around 13 years, therefore I have been at ISP for all of my life. Aside from participating in PANAMUN, some of my hobbies include reading, listening to music, traveling, and going to the gym with my friends. Although this will only be my third PANAMUN conference, my past experiences have definitely been unforgettable and I am looking forward to making this the best year yet! MUN and debating is an amazing way to meet new people and develop new skills that are fundamental and will help you grow as a person. I am extremely excited to meet all of you. My co-chairs and I will make sure that this year's conference will be memorable, controversially insighting, and fun!


Hello Delegates! My name is Diego Henesy, and I am extremely excited to be your chair for this year's PANAMUN! I am currently a junior (C24)  in high school, but by the time the conference begins, I will be a senior. I have been a part of the MET’s MUN club for 2 years now, having my first MUN experience at PANAMUN. Ever since my first conference, I have been constantly looking for new and exciting opportunities to be part of even more MUN-related conferences! I was a delegate at Panamun twice, and once at METMUN, with my second experience including me in the secretariat, being a head of delegates. I was born and raised in Panama, but my family is from Argentina. I love football, and basketball, with my favorite teams being Napoli, and the Denver Nuggets. I am super excited to be your chair for this conference, and I look forward to not only meeting all of you, but also listening to your creative, and interesting ideas. 

Diego Henesy


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Emma Senzasono

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