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PANAMUN XXV’s Fashion Show Takeaways

With PANAMUN XXV only a little more than a month away, the Secretariat are ensuring that everything is ready and all delegates are prepared. One key component of being prepared for the conference is knowing what the proper attire is, which is why the PANAMUN fashion show has become a tradition.

This year, however, the organizers decided to change the concept up a little bit. Instead of simply having the models walk down one by one while an individual narrated what was correct and what wasn’t, they designed a game. In this game, two models would walk to the front of the stage together with some fun music playing the background. At the front, Andy Donayre, the “fashion show host”, would point to each model and the audience had to clap for the outfit they believed was correct. After this, she would reveal the correct answer and explain what was wrong with the incorrect outfits so that the audience would get a clear understanding.

Here are some key takeaways from the game:

For girls:

  1. Open-toe shoes are not allowed.

  2. Dresses must touch the knee without the girl having to bend down.

  3. Tank tops or spaghetti strap shirts without a blazer/cardigan over them are not appropriate.

  4. Heels must be of appropriate height (nothing too tall; we don’t want accidents)

  5. Skinny jeans, tight pants, and leggings are not allowed.

For boys:

  1. Full suits are mandatory.

  2. No sneakers or other types of informal shoewear are allowed.

  3. Bowties are allowed, but they must be tied properly.

  4. No jeans are allowed.

The fashion show host ended by explaining that the dress code is business formal and that seeing as it is a serious event in which the students simulate the United Nations, participants should dress for success.

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