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Beyond Brotherhood

The film, Beyond Brotherhood, starring Robin Duran, Valerie Dominguez and Drew Fuller, written and directed by Arianne Benedetti, was selected by the Academy of Cinematographic Arts of Panama to be represented at the Oscar Awards of 2018.

This movie portrays the story of two young siblings, Mia and Joshua Bedi, that regardless of their strive for survival and the challenges they battle throughout their life, they are always there for one another. It all began once they ended up living in the streets after the death of both of their parents. The only thing that kept them strong and going was their unconditional love. As every year passed, they slowly became more successful and got to accomplish their dreams together. This movie teaches the importance of a family, second chances, and love. It touches many people’s hearts and allows people to feel the way the characters do, making this impact many people globally.

This touching movie has made history in Panamanian culture, as being one of the first possible nominated Panamanian movies for the Oscars. However it also shows a lot of their culture throughout the language used, the unique locations visited, the food, the music, the clothing, and the traditions shown. It is able to show and differentiate the multicultural society of Panama from all others. Something quite important that is also taken into consideration is the importance of the different social classes, as at the beginning they belong to a lower class and at the end they portrayed higher classes in Panama.

This can clearly connect to this years PANAMUN’s theme regarding “Closing Gaps” as it fights against the social inequality that surround us and how we must make a change by providing solutions to become sustainable. Taking into consideration the fact that this problem isn’t only seen in Panama but also in every other country globally, this is a problem that must be tackled. In all countries, there is always a percentage of the population that are deprived from an education, food or healthcare, lack upon access to water, protection of the law, infrastructure, technology and more. Some of these factors are depicted in the film and solutions are implemented, just as in each committee and their given issues.

Not only did the movie receive great critical reviews, it also showed all the progress that Panama has been undergoing through the way the city is portrayed, and how they are also improving within all branches of entertainment and more. Having this movie be selected as the Panamanian entry for the best foreign language film in the Academy Awards has opened doors for Panamanian actors, directors and more, since it is one of the first movies ever submitted by Panama’s entertainment campaign. As a whole, it motivates the community to continue to try their best and know that they are able to achieve whatever they set their mind to, a goal which PANAMUN also wishes to accomplish.

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