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How Can You Make this 25th Anniversary Special?

PANAMUN turns 25 this year, marking a monumental step in the history of MUN in Central America. With this in mind, what should you be doing in order to make this conference the most important and successful one yet? In the weeks of preparation before PANAMUN, students from the International School of Panama were fortunate to be visited by a representative of the Best Delegate team. This representative, Laurabeth Goldsmith, was also able to enlighten students on key strategies she has noticed work best. This, combined with the advice of one of PANAMUN’s Directors, Mrs. Heather Mooney, and previous participants of PANAMUN, provides you with a cheat sheet to navigate this conference with.

Here are a few quick tips…

  1. Don’t be afraid to take risks! Be it your first or last PANAMUN Conference, make it count. Speak up, stand up, and express your delegation’s thoughts and ideas, immersing yourself fully in your given role.

  2. Debate collaboratively towards improving each other’s resolutions. Many people believe that debating is synonymous with roasting, and it’s not! In PANAMUN an environment of teamwork, where delegates join forces for resolutions to be passed, is encouraged.

  3. Use breaks to your advantage. When committee is dismissed for breaks and lunch time, use that time wisely. During breaks, talk to other delegates and make meaningful connections. During lunch, touch up on some research you might have missed and work on improving your resolution.

  4. Pass lots of notes! These notes should be about significant and relevant ideas. The purpose of notes in a committee is to create allies and discuss solutions, thoughts, and ideas with those allies. Notes allow for bonds, that will become very useful in the voting process, to be created.

  5. Write down your speeches. If you’re the kind of person that gets nervous when speaking, write down what you’re going to say, be it word for word or in bullet points. This will allow you to remember your main points, even if you get nervous!

The goal of PANAMUN has been for 25 years, and will continue to be, to create students who are aware and active, working collaboratively towards solving the myriad of issues that us as a global population are faced with. PANAMUN brings every single person involved, one step closer to that goal. This PANAMUN is your chance to do that. Be a passionate, involved, and cordial, and inevitably, you will have fun, and learn so much more than you thought possible. It’s in your hands to make this PANAMUN the best one yet!

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