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The Stage Has Been Set

The day has come; every ounce of hard work, time, devotion, excitement and passion has built up to this climatic occasion. When the clock struck 10:00 the inauguration of PANAMUN promptly began before the attentive eyes of 600 people. We gathered over twenty-five schools today to honour and champion the upcoming conference. Every student in this ceremony represents a country. As of now all the countries have united; we are a family, and together like brothers and sisters, we make up the world--PANAMUN.

After Felipe Felix delivered his first address, the PANAMUN choir delighted all those present with the soothing yet powerfully inspiring song ‘we shall be free’. This song connects directly with matters of this years theme: Closing Gaps, we shall strive to diminish them and gain our deserved freedom in the process.

The song’s closing marked the introduction of our PANAMUN chairs. Led by Sara Rosas and Daniele Carlesso, two uniform lines of diligent leaders walked heads high to conquer the stage. As they made their way to the stage, the chairs took their respective seats, coupled with their fellow co-chairs. This march of our leaders down the hall was followed by the Himno- a dignified changting of the Panamanian national anthem. Patriotism triumphed, as the roaring music filled the spacious hall and the Panamanian participants voiced their contentment to be hosting such an exceptional Model United Nations conference.

This display of national pride was followed by another enthralling speech by Felipe Felix. He set the tone for the entire conference with a few powerful statements. As he proclaimed that “ The 8 wealthiest people in the world have as much money as the poorest 3.6 billion” and that “One-fifth of latin americans live in slums”, there was a noticeable shift in the room. Each of the 500 delegates present began to pick apart these statistics, rapidly imagining solutions. We were commanded to close our eyes, and upon doing so our imagination was quickly taken over by thoughts of an ideal world. Felipe Felix led this vivid dream in our minds “imagine a world where we all get a shot in pursuing dreams”, such an ideal world seemed so far fetched that the clinging line of the secretary general’s speech left the audience in pure awe- “this is a world within our reach”.

It truly was an honor to listen to Dr. Wayua’s intriguing speech regarding the Kenyan economy and Wayua’s work in driving economic growth. The problem, whose roots are inefficiency within the government, reaches out to matters of wasting natural resources. The repercussions of these shortcoming go on to impede growth within a government. This suppressed growth reaches out and inflicts pain upon all Kenyans, and the world as a whole. Dr. Wayua’s efforts have led Kenya to rise from #136 to #92 in the Ease of Doing Business rankings in just two years. Kenya has also been recognized as one of the top three global reformers two years in a row. Dr. Wayua’s actions clearly demonstrate an effort to push Kenya forward economically, in order to advance her own nation into the future. This thoroughly embodies the spirit of Closing Gaps, and it is the reason why, this year, we will follow Charity Wayua’s lead in making a change and fighting for the change we want to see in the world.

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