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The Mystery of Loci

#Loci, sounds familiar? For those who have never seen Loci on PANAMUN’s Snapchat, Loci has become the trending face of the 25th annual PANAMUN conference. A photo of a Hungarian teacher who works in Colegio Einstein in Ecuador, further details unknown, has been pictured randomly and placed on social media, causing a viral trend PANAMUN’s Snapchat story. How this notorious teacher achieved such a powerful status amongst the youth of PANAMUN is what we will finally answer.

So how did this whole ‘trend’ evolve? How did this seemingly nondescript teacher become such an icon for this conference? It all started during the opening ceremony when one of his students posted a photo of him. Sooner or later, people quickly caught on this trend, and, by lunchtime the PANAMUN Snapchat stories were flooded with shots of Loci. What really amused Loci, who attended this year’s PANAMUN along with his students, was the novelty of himself as a trend; he considers himself as a “nobody” in terms of entertainment.

Additionally, the fact that his fame is built on such weak foundations adds a comedic and educational twist to the story--”it does not have any fundamentals; it’s completely made up.” In fact, it was all a social experiment, constructed to expose our tendency to believe anything we see on social media. “People started to think without any previous investigation that I was famous yet I am not. I’m just a regular teacher from Hungary... this is beautiful because it shows that the social experiment worked… humans give importance to viral information although it’s completely fake.” Just like the Kardashian clan, he’s reach celebrity status for absolutely no reason, and yet has become the official meme of PANAMUN.

When asked about how Loci felt about his recent rise to notoriety, he emphasized how funny he finds it. “People don’t care who I am, they just want a picture with me.” As sad as it sounds, people aren’t interested in the man behind the stories; they just want a selfie. However, he is a human being, not just a trend. With a story to tell and a passion to teach, Loci deserves nothing short of being treated as such. Next time you bump into Loci, try a conversation, rather than a snap.

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