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Panamanian Cuisine

Panama: the bridge that ties two continents, a land that borders two of the greatest oceans. Despite being a relatively small country, Panama’s incredibly advantageous and centric position in the globe has led to the presence of diverse cultures, which have merged together to create one unique and unforgettable country known for its exquisite cuisine. The cultural diversity has completely influenced the Panamanian chefs, who tend to cook a large variation of tropical fruits, such as pineapple, papaya, watermelon, banana, and melon. This is due to the frequency in low elevation lands that are ideal for the cultivation of these fruits.

Panama´s kitchen has been influenced by African, Caribbean and Spanish culture. Typical Panamanian dishes include mostly coconut, seafood, root vegetables, and tropical fruits. Panama is also home to fried fish, tortillas, chicken and rice, corn fritters, plantains cooked in syrup, and other delectable dishes.

Panama is known more than anything, for being an international hub. This reputation has caused Panama’s already diverse dishes to possess certain influences from its visitors. An example of this is the ¨Casco Viejo,” which has a large variety of restaurants, from both Panamanian and foreign cultures.

Here are Panama's most recommended restaurants!

Mercao - Panamanian cuisine with a twist

Napoli - traditional Italian food of the country

Sushi Market - Japanese

Makoto - for outstanding Japanese cuisine

Parrillada Jimmy's - famous for its grilled seafood

Brutto - international

Segundo Muelle - peruvian

Here is a link to Panama’s most recommended restaurants:

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