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A Step Closer to Getting Your Gavel

Do you want to be an important part of PANAMUN but don't really know where to start? If so, the Chair In Training program is for you. This year, PANAMUN has incorporated a new program to engage delegates and chairs even further. For the first time, the Chair in Training (CIT) Program gives real insight into the extensive work that goes on behind being a Chair. Each PANAMUN Chair gets to work closely with a CIT, and rely on them for any help they might need. The goals for this new program is for Chairs In Training to become more motivated and prepared for future conferences, as well as improve their research, public speaking and critical thinking skills. If you want to participate in PANAMUN as a Chair, but believe that you could use more experience or just discover new skills that might be crucial for your optimal participation, applying for the CIT program would be ideal.

Throughout the program, CIT´s can also understand the importance of their commitment, and how despite having an unofficial role, their contribution is key to making the conference the most productive possible.

The CIT program is also intended to keep the conference running smoothly. If any of the Chairs are unable to meet the requirements to prepare, or unable to attend, Chairs In Training can be officially assigned to the role of a PANAMUN Chair. From now on, the PANAMUN Chairs will always have a backup and prevent a delay in the process of constructing the monstrouseous issue bulletins.

Maria Elisa Yanes, for example, was a previous CIT participant that was upgraded to to a Chairing position in the Middle School Human Rights Council due to her commitment to the program and outstanding participation in the after school meetings. This shows how the CIT program ensures that everyone has the chance to demonstrate their engagement to this major responsibility. When asked about the CIT program and her experience, Maria Elisa Yanes expressed: ¨I'm really excited to be a chair this year at PANAMUN, and know that the hard work will pay off when I get to lead a conference with delegates from different schools. Being part of the new CIT program and then getting upgraded to be an actual chair made me have the dedication, experience, and interest that I think all chairs should have.¨

As each year goes by, the target is to find new ways to include passionate delegates in every step of the process. This year, the conference is replete with strong, codependent chairs that will most definitely achieve to reflect their hard work and enthusiasm in the three days of the conferences. Not only this, but it has also prepared other individuals to become Chairs in the future through the CIT program. PANAMUN is indisputably one of the most exciting events that ISP arranges each year. It is an amazing opportunity for students to show off their hard work and sparkling interests.

For numerous students, PANAMUN is a priority and an experience that takes up countless hours of after school, meetings, individual research, and demanding preparation. Hence, it is critical to properly train and select Chairs that will help elaborate meaningful conversations between delegates from inside and outside ISP. The Chair in Training program allows for these future Chairs to begin training one year in advance and to help current Chairs be the best they can be. It teaches students critical skills for becoming successful Chairs and motivates them to be the best they can be. It gets students one step closer to getting their gavels.

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