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Panama is Proud to Have Pride

Are you too afraid to be who you really want to be? Do you feel you live in a close-minded society? This has been the case for several members of the LGBT community throughout many years; but this is changing. This year’s Pride March, which was held on June 3Oth, became the latest indication that the commonly marginalized group is becoming increasingly accepted throughout the country. The Pride 2018 March was held in Panama City and took place in Casco Viejo, where citizens gathered together in order to celebrate the worldwide Gay and Lesbian community. It was an event where people of all backgrounds felt comfortable and encouraged others to feel this way too.

After interviewing Sofia Rangel, a former student from the International School of Panama, she told me about her wonderful experience and the environment she got to be a part of. It was full of people who celebrated their identities, cultures, and showed their pride. Individuals showed their support towards kids who were judged for who they are and adults who were too scared to be the person they really wanted to be. She mentioned how she always wanted to go to a Pride Parade to pay her respects and support the human rights. She said it was breathtaking to be part of something out of the ordinary and it was an opportunity she will never regret or forget. The people were all very inclusive; in fact it was a judge-free zone and people were enjoying themselves by raising awareness. It turned out to be a very loving and caring environment where everybody was smiling and having fun. She states how she felt very united after this experience and how she recommends others to support the LGBT community through these Pride Parades. She quotes that, “It was an experience worth remembering which I would highly recommend others to attend.”

The march was an event full of color and life with the purpose of showing pride towards a community that is often oppressed but which should have the same rights as any other community. It turned into a Panamanian Civil Rights movement, which changed our whole views towards this movement and initiated our cultural expression towards this powerful community. Pride is not just a feeling, but a movement to raise awareness for powerful oppositions. Pride 2018 was a great success in the Panama City and many were impacted by it. It was a movement into the right direction and emphasized on the human rights of citizens who deserve it worldwide.

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