Casco Viejo, Panama’s gem

Casco Viejo. One of those places that not only calls the tourists' attention but it’s locals too. This magical place, centered in Panama City, is a fusion of the historic and contemporary. Rich in culture, it is one of the few areas where it is possible to just wander aimlessly. Lose yourself among the beautiful colonial buildings like Felipe Neri Church, Plaza Catedra, Plaza Bolivar, and Plaza Francia, which are “some of the most significant Spanish architectural landmarks of Panama.” After your stroll around the plazas and cathedrals, you can head to Oro Moreno’s venue in Casco Viejo. It is by far, the best chocolate in Panama. Grown in Bocas del Toro, “the cocoa beans are mixed with local ingredients such as passion fruit, coriander, and pineapple, to create some unique treats” ACCORDING TO??? that are 100% natural. Now moving to an engineer stunner, the Interoceanic Canal Museum. The emblematic building is also a must. You will be able to appreciate the valuable pieces of what makes Panama a geographic transit point. This touristic site has been called the “Eighth Wonder of the World” by some.

After you’re done taking a glimpse back in time, make time to visit Danilo’s Jazz Bar. Prepare to be delighted by the wonderful regional and guest performers. The 50-seat club was founded by musician and composer Danilo Pérez. Another artsy spot I’m sure you could enjoy is Diablo Rosso. The art gallery was established with the goal of creating a s

pace to educate the public, provoke social impact, and most importantly, support and empower young local talent. The charming gallery is available to visitors and “regularly showcases screenings and live performances.”

One of my personal favorite activities to do in Casco Viejo is brunch at the American Trade Hotel. Its Dining Room makes it to the top list of the most stylish and elegantly designed restaurants from the area. It's fresh local and seasonal cuisine are a gastronomical delight. Lastly, you cannot leave without a souvenir. You can shop traditional handmade crafts at alternative concept stores spread all over Casco. Among tourist’s favorite pieces are the beautiful creations by Guna Yala natives called “molas”, the masks, woven baskets, and ornamental objects carved in wood. Casco Viejo will for certain be your place if you’re looking for a mix of local heritage and culture.


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