Hello delegates and welcome to PANAMUN XXVIII! My name is Ilan Naor, and I am a high school senior in the International School of Panama. I was born and have always lived in Panama City, so I’m a big fan of the hot climate and the nice beaches we have. In only three years of participating in PANAMUN, I have been able to gain an extensive amount of debate experience, ranging from debating as a delegate, to being a judge in the ICJ, and now a chair for the United Nations Commission on Science and Technology Development (UNCSTD)! Besides loving debate, I am a huge science and technology nerd, with interests in aerospace and energy production technologies, as well as chemistry in general. I hope that everyone is as excited and devoted as I am to making this debate the best PANAMUN experience yet! If you have doubts or need any help feel free to contact me.


Hello, fellow delegates! My name is Yena Han, a senior here at ISP. I am very excited to be returning as a chair for PANAMUN XXVIII. Three years ago, I had no idea what MUN was, with limited knowledge in debating. But once I got to experience my first ever PANAMUN conference in 2017, I quickly fell in love with the diplomacy and professionalism that is hard to experience outside of these conferences. I think it is such a unique and fun opportunity to learn how to effectively communicate and make new friends in the process. Other things I like to do besides debating, is to run cross country, or take hikes and explore places close to where I am living. In recent times, we’ve had to go through a new and confusing time for the world, especially as students, but I think it is a great time to push through and find the solution and plan for a better future. Four our committee, UNCSTD, it should be interesting to tackle different issues through the lens of technology and science for development, as it is the future of all solutions. and I will work hard to make the debates interesting and fun for you guys, and I am looking forward to seeing you there at the conference in a few months. Best of luck, delegates!