Hello! I am Quinn Schroeder, and I am currently a senior at Episcopal High School in Virginia, USA. I was born in Florida however, I have lived across the globe with years in Albania, Taiwan, China, Panama, and the US. My love and passion for debate were sparked in ninth grade during PANAMUN XXV: Closing Gaps where I had an eye-opening introduction as the delegate of Bolivia in CCPCJ. Since then I have attended conferences such as Harvard’s HACIA Democracy, THIMUN, and other conferences in Panama and the US. After eight conferences, I have the responsibility of chairing the UNDP with it being my first time as a chair. Aside from debate, I enjoy immersing myself in the politics of the US, even though it does become quite overwhelming at times. I’d love to converse with any of you about politics or any topics you have. I simply cannot wait to be discussing two diverse issues in the UNDP and seeing the amazing creativity and problem solving that will be found in our committee. I hope to see you all soon!


Hello delegates, and welcome to PANAMUN XXVIII! My name is Arianna Martin, I am currently a Senior from the Metropolitan School of Panama, and it is my greatest honor and pleasure to be a chair of the United Nations Development Programme in this conference. I was born in Caracas, Venezuela, where I lived for almost 16 years until I moved to Panama in early 2019. Since 2017, when I began my journey through MUN, I have fallen in love with the activity and everything it has to offer. This has not only led me to be a delegate on multiple occasions and gain recognition for my performance, but also to be a key player in the organization of conferences such as METMUN’s First and now Second Edition. All I would like to ask from you before entering the committee is to come prepared and ready to make the most out of every session here in PANAMUN, as each of them is meant to be a part of your whole MUN growth experience. I wish you the best of lucks and can’t wait to meet you all!