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Nuria Fajardo

Hello delegates and welcome to PANAMUN XXX! My name is Nuria Fajardo and I am a senior at the International School of Panamá. I am very excited and honored to be your chair this year for the United Nations Development Programme. I was born in Mexico and have been living in Panama for 13 years. I started participating in debate on freshman year of high school as a delegate and became an admin the first semester of 11th grade. Debating has helped me appreciate and understand other’s opinions as well as become more educated on global issues. It has also helped me develop both my research and critical thinking skills, which are very valuevale both inside and outside debate. I look forward to creating change together by discussing these important issues. Some of the things I enjoy doing during my free time is exercising, listening to music, and cooking. I can’t wait to meet you all soon and I hope to make your time at the conference an enjoyable one full of learning! 


Tom Lee

Hey, delegates! My name is Tom Lee, I am currently a senior at the International School of Panama and I am honored to take part in Panamun XXX as a chair of the UNDP committee. I am from South Korea, but I’ve lived in Brazil and Colombia for a couple of years. My experience at Panamun has given me many memorable and important experiences. It all started with me during my freshmen year when I had not much of an idea on how to debate and communicate with groups of people to come up with resolutions. However, the first experience was just a maturity period and I much more loved my sophomore year; I was able to be more proactive during the debate and it brought me a great Panamun experience. I think the opportunity to debate in such an event like this is a great way to grasp your abilities to really find yourself and where you are in the place of this society. Apart from debating, I like to travel, exercise, and listen to music. I will try my absolute best in order to give you all delegates a rich and gratified experience; I thank you for all participating in this MUN conference and I encourage all the delegates to try their best during the conference! See you in October!

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