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Gabriela Vilela

Hello Delegates! My name is Gabriela Vilela Yamazaki and I am currently a junior at the International School of Panama. I will be one of your chairs for PANAMUN XXXI in the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Committee (UNHCR). Although I was born in Chile, I consider myself to be Brazilian since not only have I lived there but my parents are both Brazilian. I have also lived in other countries such as Angola, Peru, and Panama. As a freshman, I attended my first MUN conference as a PANAMUN delegate in SOCHUM; since then I have participated in one other PANAMUN conference and joined the diplomacy club to further involve myself in debate. MUN is a great opportunity to explore your passions and learn about pressing issues from the perspectives of different countries around the world. I ask that each individual shows respect towards their fellow delegates, chairs, and other staff members to establish a safe environment for a high level debate. Feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns to either me ( or my co-chair. I look forward to meeting you all! 


Laura Giraldo

Greeting delegates! My name is Laura Giraldo. I am a junior at the MET and have the greatest pleasure of being your chair at this year’s PANAMUN XXXI conference. I am originally from Bogotá, Colombia, but I have lived in Panama for twelve years. Being at an international school has taught me the value of keeping an open mind. In addition, I have been a part of the MUN team for three years now, and in the fifth conference that I have participated in, I have learned about problem-solving skills, a collaborative spirit, and leadership skills, which I hope I will see in all of you for this debate. Through these experiences, I will support and guide you through any doubts or concerns you may have throughout the conference. Please do not be afraid to speak up and share your perspectives; every opinion is valid and worth sharing with everyone. I expect to hear from you and get to know you all. I am excited and look forward to working with all of you. I will do my best to make this conference one of the most fun and interesting you have attended. Do not hesitate to contact me through email or my co-chair if you have any questions. Let us have a great debate, and I will see you soon, delegates!



Nicolas Gonzales

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