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Ria Harten

Hello delegates! My name is Ria Harten, and I am very honored to be one of the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs Committee chairs in PANAMUN XXXI: Empowering tomorrow's leaders. I am a Junior at the International School of Panama, which I have attended for over ten years. While I was born in Germany, I am also Peruvian and lived in Argentina. At first glance, MUN can seem intimidating and overwhelming; however, with my experience with over three conferences, I can assure you that I have enjoyed them all! My first being the HRC committee, and as a sophomore in OMS, a Spanish committee. Besides debate, I love baking, track & field, traveling, reading, and music. I am incredibly excited to be a chair of the UNOOSA committee and look forward to meeting you all. My past conferences have taught me that having a fun, entertaining, and respectful debate will bring out the best in delegates. I hope to bring these characteristics to our upcoming debate, and see you soon! I wish you all good luck and feel free to contact me anytime through my mail.


Alberto Norte

Hi delegates! My name is Alberto Norte and I am honored to be your chair this year. I am Panamanian and I currently attend the Metropolitan School of Panama. My MUN experience began when I was in 7th grade when I attended PANAMUN XXVII, my first ever MUN conference. Since then, I have attended 9 conferences over the course of these past 4 years and each and every one has provided me with incredible experiences and a few worthwhile anecdotes. I have been able to learn so much from these experiences that I can confidently say that the work and preparation paid off. I truly hope you will be able to get the most out of this PANAMUN conference and leave having had a wonderful experience. In my free time, I really enjoy traveling, playing board games, and spending time with my family and friends. I am also very much a history and geography enthusiast and will happily discuss these for hours on end. I look forward to seeing you in conference!


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Mia Schech

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