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Carla Saliot

Hi delegates! My name is Carla Saliot, and I am currently a senior at the International School of Panama. I am very honored to be one of the chairs for the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs Committee in PANAMUN XXX. I have been at the International School of Panama since Pre-k. I was born in Panama, and I have lived here my entire existence. However, I am also french.  I participated in my first MUN conference when I was a freshman and I really enjoyed it. Other than debate, I love volleyball, ice skating, gymnastics and all types of sports. Additionally, I enjoy drawing, painting, playing the piano and shopping. I love spending time with my friends but I also love staying locked up in my room alone and binge-watching shows. This will be my fifth MUN conference and I am extremely excited to meet all of you and be a chair for this amazing committee. I will do my best to make sure that we will all have a fun, entertaining, and respectful debate. Looking forward to meeting and seeing all of you at the debate! Don’t hesitate to contact me if you need anything and see you soon!


Pedro Henrique Cario Meerbaum

Hey, delegates! My name is Pedro Henrique Meerbaum, and I'm a senior at the Escola Americana do Rio de Janeiro (EARJ). I am extremely excited to be chairing the UNOOSA for this edition of PANAMUN. I hope for a very engaging and fiery debate, as well as delegates that will impress me with their level of research and debating skills. I am very passionate about politics and international relations, and this reflects in my commitment to MUN and my love for this activity. Outside of MUN, I usually spend my time reading, analyzing movies, running, and hanging out with my friends. I am looking forward to seeing all the delegates this October. I will give it my all to ensure that this committee will be the best, and I am very honored to work as your chair for this edition of PANAMUN. 

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