Yena Han

Hello, fellow delegates! My name is Yena Han, a junior here at ISP. Several years ago, I moved to Panama, not having a single knowledge about debating or MUN whatsoever. Fast forward to now, I am very much passionate about the public speaking and diplomacy that Model United Nations pushes everyone to gain. This is my third year participating in PANMUN, and it has given me great experiences and lessons that I have been able to apply in my own life, and hopefully to yours as well. Other things I like to do besides debating, is to run cross country, or take hikes and explore places close to where I am living. I am ecstatic to be chairing in the PANAMUN XXVII, for the United Nations Peacebuilding Committee, and I hope you guys are as excited as I am to spend the three days of the conference, finding effective solutions to combat global polarization, and discuss the questions we’ll be having at hand. I will work hard to make the debates interesting and fun for you guys, and I am looking forward to seeing you there at the conference in a few months. Best of luck, delegates!

Maria Cecilia Gudiño

Hello Delegates, I hope you are as excited for Panamun XXVII as I am.  It is an honor for me to be part of this year's conference as a visiting chair for the UNPC committee. I'm currently a senior at Academia Cotopaxi International school located in Ecuador's capital. I was born and raised in Quito, Ecuador and have not moved since. For those of you who have not visited the country, it is located in the equator on South America’s west coast. It compromises diverse landscapes from the four regions; Amazon Jungle, Andean Highlands, the Coast, and the Galapagos islands. Although I have not lived in other countries and have not experienced different cultures, the amount of  diversity Ecuador entails has shaped me to be tolerant and open minded to different cultures and mindsets. Apart from this, I have always been particularly interested in politics and world issues, so I decided to join M.U.N in 9th grade. My first international conference was Panamun, where I participated in the Human Rights Council as the delegate of Syria. Later on I attended THIMUN in the Netherlands one of the biggest conferences in the world, where I was part of the General Assembly representing Rwanda. As I started enjoying debating more and more I took a leadership role in my school’s M.U.N club, organizing our conference, and being a chair for the Security Council Committee. Apart from my love towards debating and politics, I enjoy swimming as it is the only sport I am decent at, reading (especially confrontational tweets between politicians), and as cliche as it may sound,I love spending time with family and friends.


I am sure that the conference will exceed the delegates expectations, and everyone's preparation will give rise to effective ideas within the debate. I look forward to meet and learn from all of you in October. Please do not hesitate in reaching out or contact me if you need any help. See you soon!