Hey everyone! My name is Gonçalo Lemos and I am currently a senior at the International School of Panama. I am from Portugal but I have lived in multiple countries throughout my life including Switzerland, Italy, Portugal, Chile, and now Panamá. I have been involved in PANAMUN since the ninth grade and this will be my fourth conference. Apart from debating, some of my other passions include track and field, cycling, and hanging out with my friends. This year, my senior year, I have the honor and privilege of charing the United Nations Security Council at PANAMUN XXVIII. I am really looking forward to debating with all of you, hearing your ideas, and most importantly, have fun as a committee. I hope we can all enjoy this fruitful and valuable experience together and learn as much as possible from it. I am sure you are all as excited as I am and I will see you soon!


Hello! My name is Jason Hodes. I was born and raised in New York City, until, at the age of 7, my family moved to live on a sailboat in the Caribbean. After 2 years on the boat, we came to Panama which is where I live now. I am currently 16 years old and a Junior in high school. This is my 4th year at ISP and my 3rd time participating in Panamun. It’s my first year being a chair and I couldn’t be more excited. I spend most of my time doing sports as I am on 3 different sports competitively at my school (Basketball, Volleyball, and Rugby) and do 3 other sports recreationally (Biking, Surfing, and Sailing). My favorite thing to do in my free time is to take my bike to the park with a basketball in my bag and practice shooting hoops. 


Hello, my name is Federico Velutini and I’m currently a sophomore at the International School of Panama. I’ve lived in Panama for most of my life, and I’ve attended ISP for 8 years, although not consecutively as I moved to the US for a few years in elementary school. Even though I’ve lived in Panama for most of my life, I was born in Venezuela and both of my parents are Venezuelan, so that’s what I consider myself as. My hobbies include reading and playing videogames. I’ve been participating in MUN in some form or another since the 6th grade when I was an admin, and I’ve attended over half a dozen conferences as a delegate. This is my first time chairing, but I’m looking forward to helping nurture a productive and interesting debate along with my co-chairs. See you all in October!