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Mariana Canakis

Hi, delegates! My name is Mariana Canakis and im so excited to be your chair for the United Nations Security Council committee this year. Currently, I am a sophomore at the International School of Panama. I am originally from Caracas, Venezuela but was born in Mexico City. Throughout my life, I have moved to many countries which I like to think played a big role in my passion for MUN. Ever since I was in elementary school I remember being intrigued by the idea of MUN. When I moved to Panama in 6th grade I joined the Debate club and have participated in every PANAMUN conference since as well as a couple of conferences internationally. Over the years I have met many delegates and chairs who have taught me the importance of debate and diplomacy, two skills that will benefit us for the years to come as we get older. Besides MUN I love sports, especially tennis which I have been playing for almost eight years, I enjoy playing many instruments and am passionate about music, and I love spending time with my friends and family. I want all of the delegates to take this conference as an opportunity to not only practice skills like public speaking and critical thinking but also get to know each other and learn how to keep an open mind throughout the conference. MUN is a way to bring us together and I am very glad I get the chance to be your Chair. I am eager to get to know all of you and wish you the best of luck in this year's PANAMUN!

Isabel Arias UNSC.JPG

Isabel Arias Pastor

Hello delegates!  My name is Isabel Arias and I am a junior at the International School of Panama.  I was born in Mexico City, Mexico, but I moved to Panama three years ago.  I first started learning about Model United Nations in middle school, but my first real experience was in 9th grade.  At first, I was very nervous, but I ended up thoroughly enjoying the experience.  But, most importantly, it got me interested in becoming a chair.  I am now very proud to be one of the United Nations Security Council chairs in PANAMUN XXX.  I am very excited to be a chair so that I can facilitate the exchange of ideas and have fun within my committee.  In total, I have done 8 MUN conferences, but I hope to make this one the best one yet.  I am very excited to help you guys foster ideas and create solutions to global issues!

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