Hi everyone! My name is Andrea Gomez, and I’m a junior at the International School of Panama. I am one of the chairs for the UN Security Council Committee, and I am so excited to be chairing this year as it is my first time doing so. I’m originally from San Juan, Puerto Rico, but I have been living in Panama since I was three years old. I’ve been doing PANAMUN since freshman year. Alongside PANAMUN, I have also participated in AMERIMUNC and LAMUN. Because of PANAMUN, I have found my love for debate and international diplomacy. In both years as a delegate, I have participated in the CCPCJ Committee, being France my first year and Iran my second. Being the delegate of Iran in the CCPCJ committee, meant that I would get constantly attacked by western countries. It was this year as a delegate which I really learned how to do research and embody the character of an Iranian representative. I learned to attack and defend while keeping it diplomatic. This ultimately resulted in my first award in a debate conference, the Best Research Award. I am so honored to now be chairing one of the most important organs of the United Nations, the UN Security Council. Other than debate, I also play varsity volleyball and am one of the leaders of the Student United Way club at ISP. I am so excited to meet all the delegates, and I can’t wait to have the best PANAMUN conference ever!



Hello! My name is Jason Hodes. I was born and raised in New York City, until, at the age of 7, my family moved to live on a sailboat in the Caribbean. After 2 years on the boat, we came to Panama which is where I live now. I am currently 17 years old and a Senior in high school. This is my 5th year at ISP and my 4th time participating in Panamun. It’s my second year in a row as the chair for the United Nations Security Council and I couldn’t be more excited. Outside of school, I usually spend most of my time playing sports. I also like to spend time hanging out with my friends and going to parties. COVID made all of these activities nearly impossible, however I’ve found ways to continue doing what I love. I’ve been taking my bike to the park with a basketball in my bag and practicing shooting hoops. Sometimes when there's more people there, we can play scrimmages, however, it's never the same as how it was before with real games. Covid has caused a lot of things to be canceled and a lot more to become virtual. However, virtual or not,  I am looking forward to meeting all of you and making this year’s PANAMUN conference the best one yet!