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Felipe da Paixao

Head of Middle School Diplomacy Club

Felipe da Paixao WHO MS (Head of Diplomacy Club MS) .JPG

Greetings delegates! My name is Felipe da Paixão and I am excited to be one of the heads for the Middle School Diplomacy Club for the 30th edition of PANAMUN! 


I am currently a junior and this is my fifth year at the International School of Panama. That being said, it is my third year involved in PANAMUN and I am excited for this new beginning as we bring back in-person debating. I am from Brazil but have lived in three other countries (Mexico, Colombia, and Panama). I am thankful for the opportunity of living abroad as I have been able to immerse myself in rich new cultures. These experiences have made me the person that I am today. 


In school, my favorite subject is math as I enjoy its problem solving aspect. I’ve learned to enjoy PANAMUN for the same reason. I enjoy it because it allows me to investigate and understand different opinions and views from my own and resolve pressing world issues. I am fond of this experience as I also get to know other delegates, and form relationships that I cherish outside of school. 


As a head of the middle school diplomacy club, I am eager to help younger delegates with their public speaking and debating skills. These are important qualities of leadership and my hope is to inspire some of these young delegates to become leaders in their respective areas. 

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