Dress Code

All participants are expected to dress in business formal for the full duration of the conference. If attire is deemed inappropriate by PANAMUN staff, individuals may be asked to leave the session and return with appropriate attire.


Male participants are expected to wear a suit and tie, which is knotted to the neck. In addition, jackets MUST be worn when addressing delegates.

  • Bowties are allowed

  • No sports shoes

  • No Polos

  • No flipflops

  • No shorts




Female participants may wear a suit, business pants, and a blouse, or a blazer and skirt.

  • Skirts and dresses must reach the knee when stood upright

  • Formal and comfortable shoes (flats are encouraged)

  • Shoes must be closed (no open-heeled sandals or heels)

  • No spaghetti straps, unless covered at all times with a blazer or cardigan

  • “No sleeves” is acceptable, as long as most of the shoulder is covered

  • Clothing considered too casual includes sweaters, shorts, polos, sport shoes, flip-flops, jeans, sneakers, and athletic wear, among others.

For PANAMUN 2022, masks must be worn at all times when in the committee space.


Faculty advisors and ISP staff serve as role models for delegates. They too are required to dress in professional business attire while participating in scheduled conference sessions.