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General Information


Wednesday, October 23th to Friday, October 25th, 2024

Conference Fee:

We are currently revising the payment information but we will update you soon

International Fees include all conference materials, lunch for all three days. For schools staying at the Marriott Courtyard (the PANAMUN-affiliated hotel), transportation to and from the hotel to school will also be provided. For schools not staying at the Marriott Courtyard, transportation will only be provided for students and faculty advisors who are present at the said hotel at the designated time on conference days.

Panamanian Schools:

We are currently revising the payment information but we will update you soon


Panamanian Fees include all conference materials and lunch for all three days.

Participants per Delegations:

To ensure diversity among participating delegations in our conference, we will be limiting the number of participants per delegation to a maximum of 15.


First Payment: On August 23th, 2024 all registered schools will have to cancel the delegation fee (TBD). Payment will have to be made via bank transfer. There is no credit card or cash option available. 

Once we receive this payment, we will be assigning each delegate a country to represent in one of our committees.

Any schools registering after August 23th, 2024 will have to cancel the delegation fee within 3 business days after our confirmation email with the delegation fee invoice is sent. 

Second Payment: The remainder of the fees must be transferred by September 20th, 2024. The MUN Advisor of the visiting school is responsible for sending evidence of payment to


Deadlines and Cancellations:

The cost of any changes to your delegations after September 13th, 2024 is $50.00 USD.

The cost of cancellation will vary depending on when this cancellation is made:

  • After September 20th, 2024 the delegation fee is due.

  • After October 1st, 2024 the full fees/charges are due, whether or not a school, or an individual participant, for whatever reason, actually attends.


Hotel Information:

Marriot Courtyard Hotel at MultiPlaza Mall - The hotel charges $85 a night plus taxes ($94.50) for a Singles room, $95 plus taxes ($104.50) for 2 students and $115 plus taxes ($126.50) for 4 students in a room. This includes breakfast, WiFi, a discount shopping card for MultiPlaza Mall, and the use of the facilities (gym and pool). Transportation will be provided to and from the hotel by ISP.

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