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Isabel Arias

Head of High School Diplomacy Club


Hello everyone! My name is Isabel Arias and I am very excited to serve amongst the PANAMUN team as this year’s Head of Diplomacy Club. 

I was born in Mexico but moved to Panama four years ago. I am now a senior at the International School of Panama. Outside of school and debate, I enjoy boxing and drawing in my free time.

Despite being introduced to debate during my first year of middle school, my interest for it was truly sparked by the polarization and turmoil that came as a result of the pandemic. As a naturally introverted person that seldom seeks confrontation, the ten Model United Nations conferences that I have been a part of have taught me the value of disagreements in the service of diversity of thought and interpersonal cooperation. Now, I wish to pass on these valuable lessons to others, which is why I am also going to be a Chair for the United Nations Security Council alongside my role as Head. 


Ultimately, I know that all those who attend this year’s conference will match our teams enthusiasm an hard work, and that this conference will be the best one yet.

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