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Quetzalli Carrera

Head of Special Committees

Quetzalli Carrera (Special Committee Head).JPG

Hello delegates! My name is Quetzalli Carrera-Lopez, and I am excited to announce that I am the Special Committee's Head at the upcoming PANAMUN 30 conference! 


I am a current senior in the International School of Panama and came to Panama in 2018. I was born in Quito, Ecuador, but have lived quite an international life, as I have moved roughly nine times. In middle school, I started participating in MUN, and since then have acted as a delegate, chair, and now head of Special Committees! Debate has helped challenge me socially, politically, and academically; for which I am very grateful. 


Apart from debate, writing and reading are hobbies I enjoy indulging in whenever I have the time. I also love contributing to the ISP community through different social projects that help cultivate a better, more inclusive school spirit. 


This year, I am eager to forge an environment of exciting, fun debate. I hope to meet all of you and help create a space where all are recognized and inspired to grow! I wish you all the best of luck at this upcoming conference; have fun, delegates!

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