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Andrea Gómez

Deputy Secretary General of High School

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Hi everyone! My name is Andrea Gómez, and I am extremely excited and honored to be PANAMUN 30ths Deputy Secretary General of High School alongside Andreina Correa! Although I was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, I have been living in Panama for 14 years now. I also lived for a year in Caracas, Venezuela. I am currently a senior at the International School of Panama. Apart from MUN and Debate, I am the captain of ISP’s Varsity Volleyball Team and President of Student United Way ISP. 


I have been involved in MUN and Debate since my freshman year of high school. Although I had the opportunity to participate in PANAMUN in 8th grade, I decided not to. This is because my brother used to do MUN and was actually the Secretary General for PANAMUN that year. For some reason, I always wanted to do the opposite of what my brother did. Now looking back, I kind of regret not starting MUN earlier. This is because ever since my first PANAMUN, I cannot stop thinking about politics and international affairs; it has become a part of me and what I want to do when I grow up. Although I did not really speak during my first PANAMUN, it still had a long-lasting impact on me. I have participated in several MUN conferences such as NHSMUN in New York City. I make sure to learn new things and progress my abilities to become the best debater and public speaker I can be. Looking back, I cannot express how much I appreciate PANAMUN for the numerous opportunities it has opened me to. Now, as DSG of High School I will work my hardest for this year's conference to be the best it could possibly be, and hope that PANAMUN has that same effect on you as it had on me.


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