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Victoria Armstrong

Deputy Secretary General of High School


Hello Everyone!

My name is Victoria Armstrong and I am honored to be one of the Deputy Secretary Generals of High School for this year's PANAMUN XXXI conference, alongside Diogo Marquez. I am currently a senior at the International School of Panama. I was born in Chile where I lived most of my life until I moved to Panama when I was nine and have lived here ever since. Apart from PANAMUN, I am the creator and leader of the Mock Trial Club. Apart from debate, I enjoy reading, playing soccer, and being with my loved ones. 


Throughout my whole life I have always had a passion for debate and I strongly believe that you can do anything if you put your mind to it. I strongly admire people who fight for their passions and PANAMUN is a perfect example of this. This will be my 4th year attending a PANAMUN conference, with my very first one being PANAMUN XXVIII. Even though my first year I felt very intimidated with debating in front of many people and confused by the procedure, my second year of PANAMUN, I challenged myself to overcome my fears and talk more. After I pushed myself, without realizing it, I was constantly speaking and I didn’t want Panamun to end. I even ended up winning an award. This was where my passion for PANAMUN sparked. 


Alongside the entire secretariat team, we have worked extremely hard to make this an incredible conference. I am immensely excited to meet all of you and hope every single one of you takes something out of this year's PANAMUN XXXI Conference. See you soon!

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