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Diego Mainardi

Deputy Secretary General of Middle School


Hello Everyone! 

My name is Diego Mainardi and this year I have the honor to be serving as one of the Deputy Secretary Generals of Middle School alongside Mariana Canakis for PANAMUN XXXI. I’m currently in my senior year at the International School of Panama. I was born in Venezuela, but I moved to Panama after 3 years in Venezuela and since then have lived my whole life here. I enjoy playing sports like tennis and padel, listening to music, and being with my friends and family. 


My first experience in a MUN conference was 3 years ago in 9th grade, where I participated as a delegate in PANAMUN XXVIII. Ever since then, I became deeply passionate about debate, leading me to have the opportunity to work as chair of the UNICEF committee and even attend international MUN conferences, which have all contributed to making MUN an integral part of my life. These experiences have culminated in my current role as one of the Deputy Secretary-General of Middle School, an amazing opportunity that I am grateful for.


I believe everyone can get something special out of the unique experience that is PANAMUN, and that is why together, with the entire Secretariat team, we will keep working hard to ensure an amazing conference for everyone. I eagerly anticipate the opportunity to share with you an unforgettable PANAMUN experience. See you soon!

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