Vinicius Da Paixao

Deputy Secretary General of Middle School


Hello all, my name is Vinicius da Paixao and it is my pleasure to say that I am one of the Middle School Deputy Secretary-Generals. I am a senior at the International School of Panama and am originally from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I have lived in Colombia, Mexico, and I am currently completing my 4th year in Panama. PANAMUN is one of the best things ISP has to offer and it is an absolute pleasure that I am able to organize the conference for the Middle Schoolers so they can start their debating careers. I have been a chair at three debate conferences, two of those experiences being in Middle School conferences. It is fair to say that I love being able to help Middle Schoolers grow as people; it makes me extremely proud to see a kid become confident in themselves in only a few days. Additionally to being in love with debate, I am also a lover of football (soccer). I have played it since I was very young and am currently the captain of the Sub-18 team in ISP. I love both of these activities and I give all my effort in making them perfect. 


I promise I will try to make this the best Middle School conference PANAMUN has ever had and that together, with Paula Roldan, we will make every single kid have a great experience where they are able to grow as people and as debaters. We will do everything we can to make everyone enjoy their time in this conference and that every single kid leaves feeling satisfied with the work they did. It is a pleasure to have this opportunity and I am counting down the days to the conference. See you all there!