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The United Nations Economic and Social Committee (ECOSOC) is one of the six main organs of the United Nations that were founded as part of the UN Charter in 1945. Its main purpose is to propel social, economic, and environmental developments through global coordination and cooperation. The committee is established on the fundamental idea that innovative thinking is the key to solving the problems the world is facing today, outlining their work based on the Sustainable Development Goals. The resolutions drafted in the committee are designed with efficiency and effectiveness in mind, as they seek to benefit as much of the population at a time as possible.  ECOSOC continuously collaborates with other UN bodies such as WHO, UNESCO, UNICEF, and another 14 subsidiary bodies to provide humanitarian aid in times of need. Because of this, the issues discussed in the committee tend to revolve around human rights, social growth and advancements, international economic crises, and even healthcare. 

Addressing the social, environmental, and economic impact of implementing renewable energy.


ECOSOC Issue Bulletin #2
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