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Hannah Baker

Secretary General


Hello everybody! 


My name is Hannah Baker and I have the honor of serving as the Secretary-General for PANAMUN XXXI. I’m currently a senior, attending International School of Panama. I am very proud of our whole team here at ISP who have worked very hard to make this the best conference possible for all participants. 


I’m British, but I was born in Colombia. I lived in England most of my life, and moved to Panama when I was 11. 


I was introduced to Model United Nations in 9th grade, in the 28th edition of PANAMUN. I am endlessly thankful for that opportunity, because it sparked a love for debate and international relations that has led me to over 20 national and international debate conferences in places such as New York and The Hague. In my very little free time, I love traveling and spending time with my family and friends.


Alongside the entire secretariat team, we’ve worked extremely hard to execute this amazing conference and it goes without saying that I’m extremely excited to see all of you in October!

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