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Martin Vivone

Secretary General


Hi! My name is Martin Vivone and I am honored to be PANAMUN 30’s secretary-general. I was born in Madrid, Spain but I also lived in the United States and now I am currently a senior at the International School of Panama where I have attended school for the last twelve years. I am very proud of our whole team here at ISP who have worked very hard to make this the best conference possible and I strongly believe that PANAMUN is the most important event for our school. Additionally, to my love for debate, I am also a sports fan especially football (soccer), a sport that I have played since I was very young and I genuinely enjoy playing. 


My passion for debate started in seventh grade when I signed up to go on a MUN trip because I wanted to miss school, but, on that trip, I found a new passion. I have had the privilege to travel all over the world to cities such as New York, The Hague and Paris because of MUN. I have attended a total of eleven conferences with PANAMUN: A New Beginning is my twelfth, and sadly final, conference I will attend. 


On PANAMUN’s thirtieth anniversary I, along with the whole PANAMUN team, have worked very hard for the conference in October and I can not wait for the day of the conference to come and to see all of you debating. See you soon!

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